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There are many cases where people have been seriously injured in trampoline accidents, and in some severe cases, have lost their lives. If you are among those who have experienced life-altering harm or the wrongful death of a loved one in a trampoline accident, please contact a Stratford trampoline injury lawyer from our firm for a free case evaluation.

Our experienced premises liability lawyers at Connolly Brennan Ralabate, PC make it a priority to represent victims of negligence and obtain the compensation they deserve. We can be reached by calling (203) 493-0093 or filling out our contact form online.

Why Choose Us?

  • We have successfully represented injured clients for decades, and have recovered millions on their behalf.
  • We give personalized attention to each case, and our Stratford personal injury lawyers work directly with clients in order to achieve maximized results.
  • You pay no fees unless compensation is won on your behalf.

Why You Need a Trampoline Injury Lawyer

When pursuing a trampoline injury claim, it is crucial to understand exactly how the injury occurred and which parties are liable. Hiring a trampoline accident lawyer will give you access to resources for an independent investigation to be conducted, to determine who should be held accountable. Most trampoline accidents fit into one of these three scenarios:

  • Design or manufacturing flaw
  • Improper maintenance of the trampoline or inadequate supervision on behalf of the owner
  • The trampoline was not used as intended or in a responsible manner by the victim

Pursuing the wrong party could mean you end up with nothing. A lawyer with experience in these types of injury claims will assess your case, collect evidence, and negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company to obtain the fair amount of compensation you deserve.

What Causes Trampoline Injuries?

Trampoline injuries commonly occur due to:

  • Too many people using a trampoline at the same time
  • Jumpers colliding with one another
  • One jumper falling on top of another, especially a smaller child
  • Rough play between the jumpers
  • Double-jumping on the trampoline, or double-bouncing (one person jumps while the other lands).
  • One jumper can be propelled higher by the other
  • Falling or jumping off of the trampoline
  • Failed attempts at somersaulting or flipping on the trampoline

Assumption of Risk

A trampoline injury that occurs on another person’s property falls under premises liability law. The assumption of risk defense is often raised in premises liability cases when they involve activities where the risk is obvious.

For example, trampoline parks will have patrons sign a waiver and release of liability, which will usually include key language like an assumption of risk statement. This means that you voluntarily assume any possible risks associated with the trampoline. These types of signed waivers can be difficult to overcome because they are strictly upheld by courts. However, there are some exceptions, as you still have the right to be warned of unreasonable dangers and the right to expect basic safety precautions are being used.

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