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Case Results

*These results are based upon the merits of each particular case, and are not a guarantee of results in other matters.*

$6,700,000 Trampoline Injury - Settlement A young man was seriously injured on a residential trampoline resulting in him becoming a quadriplegic. The family called Jim from NY. He referred the family to our colleagues who practice New York law. If we are unable to help, as in this case where licensed New York counsel was required due to jurisdictional requirements, we ensure that our clients are referred to the very best counsel to take our place.
Confidential Medical Malpractice - Settlement A 61-year-old woman presented to her doctor with complaints of chronic headaches. Her doctor did not listen and failed to perform an adequate workup. After significant delay, she was ultimately diagnosed with nasopharyngeal carcinoma, which resulted in her death. She was of Mediterranean ethnicity – one of the risk factors associated with this type of cancer.
$1,022,791 Dental Malpractice - Verdict A 64-year-old woman went to her dentist with complaints of pain. Misdiagnosis and treatment resulted in a severe life-threatening infection. An Offer of Compromise was filed during the pendency of this case. As a result, the verdict of $741,930.32 accumulated prejudgment interest.
$725,000 Pedestrian Struck in Crosswalk - Settlement Our client was an elderly woman who was struck while crossing the street. She sustained significant injuries which included multiple fractures. She also experienced a worsening of her underlying heart condition as a result of the trauma.
Confidential Medical Malpractice - Settlement A 67-year-old woman presented to the hospital with acute onset of hemolytic anemia. The hospital failed to timely diagnose and treat the condition. The client died as a result of the delay.
$620,000 Broken Axle Causes Tire to Strike Driver - Settlement An axle failed, resulting in a tire coming loose from a truck. The tire crossed the highway, striking our client. We hired a nationally recognized metallurgist in order to prove our case - that there are consequences of not taking simple steps to maintain the integrity of a wheel assembly.
$429,508 Rear-End Collision - Verdict Our client, a passenger in a friend's vehicle, was stuck in traffic on the Merritt Parkway. The vehicle behind her was struck by a distracted driver and pushed into her vehicle. The collision aggravated an already existing low back condition, resulting in chronic pain.
$428,000 Dental Malpractice - Verdict Our client received dental care that was sub-par. As a result, he was required to undergo numerous procedures and significant expense. The jury awarded damages for his chronic, permanent painful condition.
$383,889 Low-Impact, Rear-End Collision - Verdict Our client was a young man who had suffered from migraines headaches since his youth. After being rear-ended while on the job, his migraines became more severe, resulting in a permanent aggravation of his migraine condition.
$370,000 Pedestrian Struck in Parking Lot - Settlement Our client was an elderly woman leaving a retail location. While heading to her car, she was struck by another driver's side-view mirror as he pulled out of his parking space. She sustained serious aggravations of prior neck and back conditions.
$330,000 Motor Vehicle v. Tractor Trailer - Settlement Our client was a young woman who had recently undergone significant neck surgery. While traveling on I-95 she was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer. As a result of the collision, the surgery needed to be done again.
$275,000 Dog Attack - Settlement Our client was walking with her husband through their neighborhood. When they passed a neighborhood house a dog came running towards them. Our client attempted to avoid the dog and in so doing, injured her knee. Our client was not bit, but the dog owner was responsible for the damages resulting from the dog's menacing approach and her necessary reaction.
$250,000 Slip and Fall - Settlement Our client slipped and fell on spilled milk in the checkout aisle of a commercial premises. She sustained a concussion and an aggravation of a prior shoulder injury.
$237,886 Low-Impact Collision - Verdict Our client was stopped, waiting to take a left hand turn into her parking lot at work. While waiting, she was struck from behind by another driver. Our client sustained a neck injury that the doctor indicated might require surgery in the future.