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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Accident Lawyer

Individuals unable to easily move from one location to the next rely on non-emergency medical transportation services like Veyo, LLC, as a way to safely get to doctor’s and therapy appointments. Yet, there are times when these vehicles are in accidents, and those can be both life-threatening and complicated to resolve from a financial perspective.

At Connolly Brennan Ralabate PC, our Stratford personal injury lawyer has experience helping victims in non-emergency medical transportation accidents get the support they need to recover from these incidents.

Who Is Responsible in an Accident Like This?

A non-emergency medical transportation service provides a professional-level service for safely transporting a person from their home or other location to a medical provider. This carries with it numerous risks, which are amplified if a person is medically fragile. When an accident occurs, the same process of determining negligence and liability occurs as it would with any other accident. It could be the driver, the transportation service, or a third party responsible for the outcome.

Factors That Complicate Medical Transportation Accidents

A person utilizing non-emergency medical transport services, like those offered by Veyo, LLC, is likely in some state of dependency on medical professionals. They may need help with mobility, life support services, and even emergency medical care. Other times, they simply need help due to mobility issues. In all cases, when you enter into an agreement with the organization, they are responsible for any losses they cause.

For example, if the lift equipment fails due to a lack of maintenance and a rider falls, suffering injuries as a result, those injuries themselves could be the responsibility of the medical transportation company. If the driver of the vehicle collides with another car because they were distracted, and this leads to a medical emergency for the passenger, they may hold some level of responsibility in this situation as well.

To determine responsibility in cases like this, we must consider a variety of factors:

  • What caused the incident to occur fully?
  • Could the incident have been prevented?
  • Does the accident worsen the person’s medical condition and cause further loss?

Though a much more complicated case than other vehicle accidents because of the medical state of the passenger, you have rights to compensation in these cases if you can show that another person caused the incident to occur and you suffered losses as a result.

Estimating Case Value Is Challenging

The value of a case like this can be complicated. It becomes necessary to provide the impact the incident had on an already complicated medical situation. That could be difficult to do, especially if the incident leads to numerous complications or a fatality.

Working with an Experienced Attorney is Critical

In non-emergency medical transportation accidents, you need a fierce advocate by your side to help you recover the financial losses you have. With an over 99% success rate, you can trust Connolly Brennan Ralabate, PC to be by your side throughout the process. Contact us now for a free consultation to learn more about the challenges you are facing.