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Stratford Bus Accident Attorney

Bus accidents can lead to significant injuries, major property damage, and lifelong setbacks. If you or somebody you care about need help from a Stratford bus accident attorney, the team at Connolly Brennan Ralabate, PC is ready to help. We understand the challenges personal injury victims face in Connecticut, and we are prepared to stand up to insurance carriers and legal teams on your behalf to help you secure compensation for your losses.

Why Choose Connolly Brennan Ralabate, PC?

  • We firmly believe in direct communication with every client. You will always be able to contact your attorney when you have questions or concerns as your case moves forward.
  • Our team carefully selects the cases that we decide to help clients with so that we ensure we have time to dedicate 100% of our energy to your success.
  • Our team has an extensive track record of success handling complex injury claims throughout Connecticut and right here in Stratford.

Do You Have a Bus Accident Claim?

Individuals can sustain injuries on buses in a variety of ways. Think about all of the types of buses we have in our particular area of Stratford. Of course, we have school buses, but we also have plenty of commercial private buses as well as various local transportation authority bus transportation options. Additionally, private organizations, such as senior service centers and childcare facilities, may also have their buses.

Bus owners and operators owe a specific duty of care to those on board the bus as well as those outside of the bus on the roadways. Bus agencies that operate for profit owe the highest standard of care to passengers, as considered common carriers.

Anytime a person sustains an injury caused by the negligent actions of a bus company, agency, or bus driver, they may be able to recover compensation for their losses. This includes injuries that occur in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to:

  • Injuries caused by a bus colliding with other vehicles
  • Injuries passengers sustain inside the bus due to a collision or some other incident
  • Slip and fall injuries that occur on the bus

Bus Accident Compensation in Stratford

Bus accident victims in Stratford may be able to recover various types of compensation for their losses. Our team works to recover economic and non-economic damages for bus accident victims, which can include:

  • Coverage of any emergency medical expenses
  • Compensation for lost wages caused by an inability to work
  • Property damage expenses
  • Physical pain and suffering damages
  • Emotional and psychological pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of quality of life damages

The amount of compensation available for a successful claim will vary depending on the circumstances surrounding each particular bus accident case.

Contact a Stratford Bus Accident Lawyer Today

If you or someone you love has been injured in a bus accident in the Stratford area, reach out to the team at Connolly Brennan Ralabate, PC for help as soon as possible. Our team has the resources needed to handle all aspects of your bus accident claim, and we will not hesitate to stand up for your rights against other parties involved. When you need a Stratford bus accident attorney, you can fill out our quick contact form or call us at (203) 635-0018.