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Attorney James Connolly has handled a couple of cases for me in the mid-1980s and 1990s. I felt very comfortable with him from the start because he took the time to explain to me, in a very simple way, the procedure of my case.

Attorney Connolly is a conscientious, experienced, and very professional lawyer. He was not only attentive, straightforward, and well-prepared to handle my case, but he was also very supportive and empathetic when I felt discouraged and frustrated. I highly recommend attorney Connolly without reservation. He is a trustworthy, honest, and very professional lawyer.

Attorney Emily Connolly has handled my case in 2016. She is a very professional and determined person. She was sincere and very knowledgeable in resolving my case. She has an outstanding personality and is very savvy in her judgment and giving advice. Her self confidence, warm personality, and professional attitude made me feel very comfortable that my case was in good hands. And she did not disappoint me. I recommend her for the same reasons I recommend her father, James.

I met Brigid Connolly only a few times, but, in a few minutes, I feel that she, her father James, and sister Emily share the same personality and professionalism. She showed genuine concern and was very supportive and encouraging. I recommend her as well!!