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When to Seek Legal Help for a Trampoline Injury

Posted on June 27, 2023 in

Trampoline injuries can happen in seconds, often causing sprains and fractures. But more severe injuries are not uncommon. An afternoon of fun becomes a medical emergency that can require lengthy recoveries and produce expensive medical bills.

Expecting a certain amount of risk is common when jumping and somersaulting around other people engaging in the same activities. But there are some risks that can remain unknown. Speaking with a Connecticut trampoline injury lawyer can help determine if compensation for your injuries is possible.

Residential Trampoline Accidents

Property owners are responsible for putting precautions in place to prevent trampoline accidents. These safety measures not only ensure they are protecting the people enjoying the trampoline, but they protect themselves if a claim is filed against them. Some of the factors leading to increased incidence of trampoline accidents are listed below and often necessitate legal guidance.

  • Placing a trampoline on concrete or asphalt without proper safety precautions such as netting, pads, or protection in place.
  • A trampoline is situated near guy wires or power lines, allowing a person jumping to come in contact.
  • An owner may fail to properly maintain a trampoline permitting springs, support bars, and trampoline material to become compromised.
  • Support bars or ladders to access the trampoline may not be protected with adequate padding.

Commercial Trampoline Accidents

Trampoline parks have grown in popularity and number in recent years. They are often the gathering place for birthdays and fun outings. But injuries at trampoline parks resulted in more total fractures in pediatric and adult patients compared to injuries sustained on residential trampolines.

Most people visiting trampoline parks are familiar with signing a waiver stating compensation will not be pursued for any injury sustained at the park. But businesses still bear a certain amount of liability. When should you seek legal help for an injury sustained at a trampoline park?

  • When negligence or recklessness by park staff results in injury
  • When patrons are injured because of improperly maintained equipment leading to injury
  • Improper staffing coverage
  • Participants entering into and jumping in an area protected by age limits

Seeking help is always encouraged to ensure an understanding of your legal rights when an injury occurs at a trampoline park.

Manufacturer Defects

Injuries sustained in a trampoline accident can also result from a manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defects are caused when the manufacturer fails to meet its obligations in production. The legal responsibilities of a business are known as product liability.

A company also bears the responsibility of adequately warning users of the dangers associated with a product and providing proper instructions for assembling and use. Databases containing information detailing faulty products can provide insight into documented manufacturer defects and can be accessed by a legal team.

Participant Responsibility

Every person is responsible for their actions when participating in activities with others. Aggressive jumping and improper behavior may lead to others being injured.

You may hesitate to seek help, particularly when your injuries result from actions by someone you know. But medical debt can be overwhelming when dealing with injury, treatment, and recovery.

Legal Help in Connecticut Trampoline Injuries

Seeking legal help begins with a phone call. There are established time limits that govern how long you have to pursue a claim for a trampoline injury, so it is always beneficial to be proactive in receiving guidance.

Your best option for recovering compensation for an injury is to speak with a knowledgeable attorney at Connolly Brennan Ralabate, PC. A free consultation can offer insight into the damages you may receive and how our team can assist you with navigating the complexities of the legal system and trampoline injuries.