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Role of Expert Witnesses in Connecticut Wrongful Death Cases

Posted on March 14, 2024 in

When a wrongful death occurs in Connecticut, the administrator of the deceased individual’s estate may bring a wrongful death claim in civil court. Unfortunately, these claims can be incredibly challenging, particularly when it comes to proving liability or establishing total losses. For especially complex cases, expert witnesses may be called to help bolster the overall claim. Here, we want to review the potential role(s) of an expert witness for a Connecticut wrongful death claim.

Establishing the Link Between Actions and the Fatality

Expert witnesses can play a pivotal role in establishing the connection between the defendant’s actions and the victim’s death. Medical experts, for example, can provide testimony on how the alleged negligence directly resulted in the fatality, which is often a complex aspect to prove. Their expertise in interpreting medical records and understanding the health implications of certain actions can be instrumental in illustrating this link clearly for the court.

Quantifying Total Damages

Quantifying damages in a wrongful death case involves not only the direct costs incurred by the family or estate of the deceased, such as medical bills and funeral expenses, but also estimating the value of lost future earnings, benefits, and even the emotional loss suffered by the family. Economic experts are typically called upon to calculate these figures, employing various methods to estimate what the deceased would have contributed financially to their dependents over their lifetime had the wrongful death not occurred.

Refuting the Other Party’s Arguments

Defense strategies in wrongful death cases often include disputing the cause of death or minimizing the extent of damages claimed. Expert witnesses can assist with countering these arguments. For instance, a forensic expert could discredit theories presented by the defense regarding the cause of death. A mental health professional might provide insights into the profound emotional impact on the surviving family members, thereby reinforcing the claim for non-economic damages.

Providing Missing Pieces to Build a Stronger Case

The complexity of wrongful death cases means that often, the evidence available is not straightforward. Expert witnesses, through their specialized knowledge, can help interpret data, reconstruct events leading to the death, and provide critical insights that fill in gaps in the narrative. Their ability to explain complex information into understandable testimony can make a major difference in the outcome of a case.

In Connecticut wrongful death claims, the involvement of expert witnesses can dramatically influence the proceedings, offering clarity, credibility, and compelling evidence to support the claim. Their contributions are invaluable in navigating the complexities of the legal system and ensuring that justice is served for the deceased and their loved ones.

Help From a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Connecticut

If you have lost a loved one due to the actions of another individual or entity in Connecticut, please reach out to a wrongful death attorney as soon as possible. When you have an attorney by your side, you will have an advocate ready to help you handle every aspect of the claim. This includes fully investigating the incident, helping you handle all communication with other parties, and even preparing the case for trial. Your lawyer will be responsible for liaising with and securing expert witnesses to assist with the case if needed.